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The Outpost and all its amenities are exclusive to you and your group during your stay.

You set the agenda, and can fish as much or as little as you want to. You can be fishing with Chuck Beck and his vast knowledge of the lake every day, not dumped in the wilderness like at many other camps. A trip with us is one of the few ways you get to enjoy an unspoiled wilderness, but can still sleep in a comfortable bed and take a hot shower. If you own fishing gear, feel free to bring it, but do not go out and buy any, as we can supply anything you do not have. All we ask you to bring is your clothes, a set of twin sheets, a decent rain suit, personal snacks and refreshments, fishing license and outdoor card.

The Camp

The Lake


The camp can accommodate up to seven guests,

plus your host Chuck. The ideal group size is five or seven guests, as that allows for two people per boat including Chuck. With an even number of guests, it is certainly possible to fish three people to a boat, though it can feel a bit more crowded. 

Your Host, Chuck

Point O' Pines Outpost is owned and operated by Pete and Karen Wreggitt. Pete and Karen have a base camp on Rainy Lake along with this outpost. The Wreggitts allow Chuck Beck to stay at the outpost in the summer and do what he loves, fishing and enjoying the Ontario wilderness. Chuck, has been fishing Otukamamoan Lake for the last 30+ years and knows the lake and where to catch the fish.

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