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Located in a protected wilderness area just north of the famous Rainy Lake, Otukamamoan Lake,

known as Trout Lake to locals, is a beautiful and unspoiled piece of paradise. With no roads in, the lake is less than a 30-minute flight from Fort Frances, Ontario – right across the border from International Falls.

Otukamamoan is one of the southern most "true wilderness" lakes in Northwest Ontario. Roughly 10 miles long and 12 miles wide, the lake has over 200 miles of shoreline with numerous bays, coves, and islands to fish.

Otukamamoan Lake is a deep, cold water lake with rock reefs. It contains fantastic populations of trophy walleye, northern pike, lake trout, and smallmouth bass.

With only a single lodge and only a handful of camps on the entire lake, it is not unusual to fish an entire week without seeing another boat. This means the lake does not get "fished out" the way the more accessible lakes do. Trophy-sized fish are a common occurrence.