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Getting To International Falls

You can drive from anywhere in the US; International Falls is about 4 ½ hours north of Minneapolis.

Flying is even faster; Delta Air Lines has two flights daily in and out of International Falls, MN. It’s a short 15-minute taxi ride across the border to Fort Frances, ON. Flights into International Falls can book up quickly and fares can be a little pricey during the fishing season. You might want to look at an alternate airport. Minneapolis is 4 ½ hours by rental car, Duluth is 3 hours by rental car and Hibbing, MN is 2 ½ hours by rental car from International Falls.

If flying, we suggest you make arrangements for a taxi prior to arriving in International Falls, these are taxi companies would be our recommendations:


City Cab and Van Service
(218) 283-8635


North Air Taxi
(807) 274-5301 or 1-800-465-7761 or

Both of these companies will pick you up at the airport in International Falls and take you across the border to the float plane base or to one of the fine motels in Fort Frances.

When you check in at Rusty Myers for your trip out to the outpost, make sure to inform their office staff if you need a taxi on your return. They will call for a taxi once you’re in the air and have it waiting at the airbase when you arrive back from the outpost. If you have a commercial flight home, please inform Rusty Myers office staff so it is recorded and they will do everything to not delay your flight back from the outpost.


Crossing The Border

Canada customs require you to have a passport when you drive across the border. The phone number for the Fort Frances customs is 807-274-3655. Call them with questions or visit the web site at or

If you’ve had one DUI/OWI, regardless as to how long ago it was, you should not have an issue crossing the border into Canada. If you have had more than one DUI/OWI, then you COULD be turned back at the border and not allowed into Canada. There is a process that you can go through and if this is the case you need to check with the Canadian government.

The border agent will ask where you are going and for how long. You’re going to Point O’ Pines Outpost camp on Trout Lake for “X” number of days fishing, on a vacation. They won’t know Otukamamoan nor will you be able to pronounce it correctly. The locals call Otukamamoan, Trout Lake.

When you cross the border, don’t mess with the border agent. Know what you have in the vehicle and answer their questions directly. Joking with them doesn’t work (Chuck knows, he’s found out the hard way). They’ll ask how much alcohol and tobacco products you have in the vehicle. It is important to know exactly what you have before you cross. Having everything written down and reading it directly off the paper often helps the process go much smoother.


Alcohol/Adult Refreshments/Tobacco Products
Before you cross the border you can stop at a liquor store or at the duty free shops (they are the cheapest) and buy your adult refreshments but they do have limited hours. If you are entering Canada late evening or during the night then stop earlier in the day at liquor store in the USA. You can bring in 1.14 liters or (40 oz.) of liquor or 1.5 liters of wine or 1 case (24 – 12 oz. cans) of beer per adult, duty free. You can bring up to 50 cigars or 200 cigarettes or 7 oz. tobacco per adult (19 years old or older) duty free. Alcohol and tobacco on the Canadian side is VERY expensive. If you want/need more then you’re better off paying duty rather than buying it in Canada. If you are bringing beer and/or pop, please buy cans or plastic bottles. No glass bottles please. You will only have what you bring for your stay, they haven’t opened a convenience store on the lake yet and there’s no way to town once you’re there. The legal drinking age is 19 in Canada.


Fort Frances

Arrive in Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada in the afternoon/evening. Fort Frances is just across the border from International Falls, MN. Prior to crossing the border you will need to purchase what you want for personal snacks and refreshments. Everything on the Canadian side is more expensive. If you are flying into International Falls, there are taxis that will take you across the border to a motel.


Float Plane

You will be booked to fly out to camp the next morning from Rusty Myers Flying Service. Try to be at the float plane base a half hour before your flight. It’s a short 20-minute plane ride to our outpost camp. The only way in or out of the camp is by float plane.

Rusty Myers Flying Service is on the east edge of Fort Frances off of Hwy 11. When you get to Rusty Myers you will want to back up to the gate by the dock, unload your gear on one of the red carts and then check-in up at the office.

Call them if you're going to be late for your departure time (they might wait for you). Please keep in mind that the group coming out on the plane that you are coming in on may have commercial flights that might have them on a tight schedule. Please call your host, Chuck, if there are any issues or problems.