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We have compiled a checklist of what to bring with you.

Download the list


The lake water is safe to drink but we have been advised to boil it first. Most people prefer bottled drinking water, which we will provide in camp. Bring anything else such as pop, beer, etc. that you want to drink for the number of days you’ll be at camp.

It’s illegal to drink any alcohol while in the boat in Canada and they are very strict about it!


There isn’t any reason to exchange US dollars for Canadian dollars. Most places will take credit cards. (To use your credit card in Canada, you might need to call your credit card company. Let them know you will be in Canada and making purchases or most of the time the card is denied). The motel, restaurants, grocery stores and bait shops all take credit cards or US dollars. If you use cash, stores will exchange it for you. In most cases the best exchange rate is through your credit card company.

We only accept US quarters when playing cards in camp. Please don’t forget to donate to your host Chuck’s retirement fund!


Remember this isn’t a fashion show so don’t bring good clothes that would want to wear to town, because you can’t get to town. Wear your old junk that you forgot to sell at the yard sale.

Bring along clothes you can layer when it gets cold. Polar Tec or wool are the first choices for outdoor gear. Pack your stuff in soft-sided duffel bags or gym bags so they pack easier and can be stuffed in the vehicle and plane. Don’t pack your stuff in garbage bags; the Dock Hands at the float plane base will think it is garbage and throw it away. From our experience, bring half as many changes of clothes as you think you will need.